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Why Does Your Cat Steal Your Seat

     Source: Aleesha Wood Who hasn’t been in a situation where your cat has stolen your seat when you get up for a cup of tea or for a toilet break during a television show? It’s like your cat is waiting for you to move so they can settle somewhere more comfortable. Many times cats can also become restless if you are sitting in the seat that they usually spend their nap time in. So they will either annoy the hell out of you until you leave the seat or sit and quietly wait for the opportunity to pounce when you get up from it. Some of the reasons behind a cat taking your seat when you get up are as follows. 1. Routine Many cats will have a favorite spot in the household that they like to take naps in. One of those might be they sofa or the armchair.  When you are gone from the home, if you don’t spy on your cat then you won’t know where it is that your cat sleeps.  So your cat could decide that the left hand side of the sofa is their domain.   So they spend the majority of

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